Mark Mellblom LLC Harnessing Information for Industry and Progress...
Mark Mellblom LLC Harnessing Information for Industry and Progress...

Why a Blimp...With a Steam Engine?

What's with the logo?  Mark Mellblom LLC likes steampunk. That's science fiction based on stories and themes of Victorian Futurism and maybe a zombie thrown in, and of course goggles. 


150 years ago visionaries like Jules Verne gave an image of a future we eventually achieved.  Because people read it and imagined it - they believed it was possible.  What we do is like that.  We generate an answer - a vision - to show it's possible and allow your company to move at your pace into the future you see.  The Victorians harnessed the energy of steam and electricity to change the world.  We harness information for industry and progress.

Prezi Presentations (requires Flash)

Prezi Presentations - Oh Man...Like Way More Better than Powerpoint.

GRID - Generation, Resourcing, Investment and Direction - is a Standard Model for Program Management.  Build a simple model of your business capabilities and link them with thier output products showing state changes as they progress from raw inputs to finished product. 


Don't worry - it isn't as hard as it sounds.  Don't listen to them - they want your money.


THEN....create a consistent model of how every capability is supported and sustained by training requirements and software functions.  A program management architecture and requirements statement in a fraction of the time and expense.  And we mean a really small fraction .. not 9/10ths.

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The Standard Model Method
An overview of "The Standard Model" method of generating enterprise architecture constructs.
The Standard Model Method 2nd Edition V1[...]
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