Mark Mellblom LLC Harnessing Information for Industry and Progress...
Mark Mellblom LLC Harnessing Information for Industry and Progress...

Because if having huge conferences and holding up walls with college kids is building enterprise architecture and program management, we're not your company.


Mark Mellblom LLC is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA.  That allows for a reasonable commute on a daily basis within a few miles since the roads, tunnels and tourist traffic here are epic.  That said, a four hour drive or flight and a hotel can get us onsite over the Eastern United States on a weekly basis.  Finally we're a believer in doing distance support.  So you're close.



We have worked for 10 years with Pragmatica Innovations, a leader in information modeling, enterprise architecture, collaborative environment development, security services and MicroSoft SharePoint development.  Often we work through them and use their services.



We are always looking for people that:

Want to work at the edge and do things that are hard.  

Try new ways and learn something.

Break some conventions.

Your business is an organism.  It has structure, physiology, and behavior.  It has awareness and sense.  It is alive.  It consumes and produces.  It is a moving creature - and it's quick.


To understand your business and convey that to others, to make it reach its full potential, requires a disciplined approach.    To use a disciplined approach in today's fast pace and tight budgets - it has to be done fast and affordable.  


We don't want to waste your time.  Problems don't get solved sitting in hot rooms with stale doughnuts and cold coffee.  They get solved when an answer is presented quickly that is understandable, objective and can only be argued on its merits -  not emotion, not politics.  In our world - that's a model.  Science works that way.  Good companies work that way.  The model brings them together with a common language and relationships.  They don't make stuff up.


We don't want to waste our time either.  We would rather help  5 companies in one year providing a fast solution that's good enough than spend a year dragging out a solution for a company that no one is going to use.   Every company we work with makes us better as well.


You're not the first business to eat an oyster.  Enjoy it.  The otters can't be crazy.

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